Friday, June 2, 2017

Photos from Old Casino

Our next stop was Old Casino.  Luckily I found my way up a small lane and crossed over the railways line and made our way around to Old Casino station.
The diary building at Old Casino

Another view of the dairy building

A view of the dairy building from the other side

Another view, this time showing the road access to Old Casino from the main road

A view of what is being stored at Old Casino - some QRN coal wagons

No doubt this was where a water tank once stood.

A close up of a large shed.

A view back in the other direction

I think this is the remaining components from the casino signal box, which has since been demolished.

A close up view of the signal levers

Another close up view of the signal frames from Casino signal cabin

A view from the Station building located at Old Casino

The miniature railway located behind the Old Casino Station building, has preserved the signed from the Casino Platform advising about changing trains here in order to get to Brisbane (if coming from the Branch)

For those wanting to go to somewhere on the branch, this sign helped them to detrain here.

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