Saturday, June 3, 2017

Next Stop Cassino

We made a quick lunch stop at Cassino town centre before heading over to near the railway station for our next few shots.

I wanted to get some photos of the walkway that I need to do some more work on.

The CTC signalling hut located at Cassino

The greenery has certainly grown since my last visit.

The under track walkway.  This is from the town/platform side of the track.

The view from the other side, with a shot towards the station.  The old telegraph pole, and the rather newish fence protects the railway right of way from us modellers.

The view from the other side (non platform side) of the walkway.  There seems to be two rather dodgy guys walking through the walkway.

The view to the north.  No doubt this is an access point to railway perway staff to the track, up the ramp to the left.

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