Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brisbane Model Railway Exhibition - May 2-4

Well, considering it has been about 5 weeks since my last update I thought I needed to add something. We have had a running session at Cassino, I've done a bit more scenery (just a bit), Acquired a few more points to lay to finish off the loops at Acacia Ridge Yard and I've spent three days at the Annual AMRA Brisbane Model Railway Show.
For three days I personed the Structure Building Exhibit with Master Modeller Jim Hutchinson. Well Jim was there for 2 days and on the Monday Geoff Burns from "The Eternal Beginner Blog" Fame substituted.

I spent most of my time on the weekend talking to the public, spending lots of money, annoying Werris at the Eureka Stand, and Oh yes, I did actually do some modelling. I also caught up with James McInerney.

Among other things, the building highlights of the weekend were - On the Saturday building a few outdoor dunnies. On the Sunday building a table and chair set. Monday I built a few sheds.

Below is some of the evidence.

Four HO scale folding chairs and a glass top outdoor table. They just happen to be sitting on a scratchbuilt NSW road overbridge that comes off my layout at home. The left white blur is an HO scale 3m2 industrial bin. The white blob on the right in an N scale version to keep the Club N scalers happy.

The HO scale Goods shed - not quote finished yet (yes the door opens). Also there is an old white metal car with a carton of XXXX Stubbies on the roof and a pallet of XXXX long necks in the tray. What a party this will be! Lucky there are some dunnies lined up at the top of the photo.