Friday, June 9, 2017


Almost last stop for the Day was at Taree Station.  if we waited around another hour there was a chance we would see a train coming through but we decided to head further north to Port Macquarie for the night.  Here are a few photos from Taree.

Inside the Taree station building is a map of the station precinct to help out the modeller.

Standing on the platform, you can look across the yard and see the old goods shed.  It is currently occupied by the Taree Model Railway Club. 

Looking south from the platform you can see where the old loco turntable was located.

In the station carpark, an old signal gantry faces the cars.

From the goods shed, this photo although taken into the sun, shows the station building.

When we were in Taree, there was someone working over near the goods shed.  So we drove around and said hello.  It was Matt from Matt's Ballast that I purchased some ballast off a couple of weeks before at the Brisbane Show.  He graciously showed the three travellers around the Taree Club Rooms.  But that is a post for another day.

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