Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What Does Lismore Look Like Now?

The next stop on our trip to Sydney was Lismore.  This is a fairly bare place compared to the era in which I modelled it.  I thought I'd show some of the photos I took below.
Looking south towards Cassino.

Turning around looking across the road to the Lismore Station.  The Cement Silo to the right.

The tracks out from the platform, look to be ripped up.  The Main and Loop are evident, but the two storage sidings are not visible.

Looking north towards Murwillumbah.

Behind the platform is what is left of some sort of a crane, and a goods loading platform.

Another view of the goods platform.

The yard seems to have been fenced off for some reason.

The area behind the station, where trucks would have had access to the station yard.

The entry from the south (from Cassino) from another view point.


  1. Damn shame to see Lismore looking like this now isn't it? I would have liked to see the line kept open as far as Lismore for the XPT given it isn't a long distance from Casino and there wasn't the problem with replacing ageing timber trestles to the extent that existed north of Lismore. Feels like a waste of a good line, but thanks anyway for sharing these photos.