Sunday, May 7, 2017

2017 Brisbane Model Train Show

The last two full days have been spent at the RNA showgrounds for the 2017 Brisbane Model Train Show.  I also spent a couple of hours on Friday there helping setup the Club's HO layout as well as the table and chairs for my Structure Building Stand.  I had a ball.  It is always great to catch up with people that I see close to just once a year and then some others that I seem to catch up with at every model railway activity.  It is also nice just having a natter with absolute strangers and it is so fullfilling to see smiles on their faces when I show them something, and then they realise what I have modelled and it may have some sort of moving part of hidden detail.

This year, although I took the camera, I did not take one photo.  There were a couple of new layouts at this show.  Firstly there was Tarni, which I think made its debut at the Modelling the Railways of Queensland Convention last year.  There was also Philden also making its debut, but this home based work of art has been well covered in the blogosphere by Phil himself.

The usual shops were there and had their usual selection of goods available for purchase.  I could not resist when talking to Dave McPhee from the Modeller’s Warehouse late on Sunday arvo, yelling out in front of a few people – “Dave, do you have any Marijuana?”  He replied “Yes”.  Of course he had scale 1:32 scale plants.  So in HO scale that is a big crop.  This was about $8.00 a packet.  I have no idea what it costs in real life, but I’m sure it is a pretty good price in anyone’s language.  Most of the modellers in attendance at these shows have a pretty good sense of humour and we cannot wait to stir them up a bit.

Dave's shop is now stocking MEK, although not my preferred method of joining styrene, it certainly has its advantages in some situations and while I have some at home, I do not take it to exhibitions. Dave provided me a bottle to try and I used it on a double garage I was building.  I had great success with this stuff.  When I ran into Dave on Friday during setup, I was amazed at the variety of trees that he is now stocking.  These included Jacarandas in full bloom, some very nice weeping willows and his grass trees are excellent.  When I saw his grass trees, it made me remember that I purchased some last time I saw him.  It then dawned on me that I have no idea where I planted them on my layout.  But it made me realise that I could get 50 more of his grass trees in a variety of sizes and I would have no trouble at all placing them in realistic locations on the layout and still want more.

It was good to catch up with James from AMRM on both Saturday and Sunday.  It has been years since I’ve seen him at the Brisbane Show and I think it was just been once in the past – maybe twice.

On the Structure Building stand, yesterday I had the modelling guru Jim Hutchinson accompanying me.  Over the years, Jim has had numerous fabulous construction articles published in AMRM.  Today I had Geoff from Splitters Swamp Creek fame sitting beside me.  The current buildings that Geoff has on display under construction are just mind blowing.  You guys really need to follow his blog.

I was just pottering around dabbling in a few items.  I also snapped up a few scenic detail items at some of the shops.  I got about 8 water tanks.  But I think I still need another 20.  That goes with the existing 20 – 30 that I have already placed on the layout.  You can never have enough water tanks.  I picked up some laser cut benches to supplement my own scratchbuilt benches, and I picked up a few KG of ballast of varying colours from Matt’s Ballast. That should keep my busy until later this year when I catch up with him again.  I think it best that I don't mention any other purchases - Shhhh - Hey Lefty - you dobber!

Next week we have a Tuesday Nighters get together at Shelton's.  That will be special.  That is followed by our Club meeting on Saturday, and a Buy and Sell on Sunday.  I might need to pick up some styrene next weekend as well.  Of course the following week is the Modelling the Railways of NSW Convention at Loftus.  I am driving down with a few people so that is taking quite a few days.  I must have a good wife to let me do all this Railway related activities.  But it is a pitty that I don’t get a longer financial leash.  Oh well, maybe next year.

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