Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Quiet Week Before the Storm

Following last weekend’s model railway exhibition, this week was rather quiet in terms of model railway activity.  The week started with a visit was model railway Royalty on Monday night.  I think James enjoyed the visit to the Shed and it was very nice to have him in attendance.  On Tuesday night we did venture to Shelton’s for our fortnightly’s get together.  Well we should have known.  The layout is never the same on any two consecutive visits.  We were not disappointed as Shelton, has changed the layout again.  He has simplified his layout and it is just as good as his previous version, but it just takes less time to do a circuit.  There are some very nice features of this version, including long sweeping curves.  This one has basically removed the previous hairpin curve that existed.  So some very good positives.  We also expect a few tweaks following suggestions from the Tuesday Night crew.

Yesterday, my son’s soccer game was on at 12:30pm, while the Club meeting is on at 1;00pm.  Luckily they were on in the same vicinity.  I finally made it to the Club to have some lunch with junior Pele in tow at about 1:50pm.  The aim was to catch up with PK and Dave to discuss the trip down and back from Sydney.  PK was there, but no Dave.  PK was telling us about his new baby - A 3D printer.  Anyway we had a good chat with those still at the Clubrooms and ended up being the last to leave.

Today was our Club’s Buy and Sell event, and numbers were down slightly in both sellers and buyers.  Maybe it was because it was Mother’s Day.  Note to organisers – don’t do it next year.  For the last 20 or so years, this event has been on the third Sunday in May.  Next year it will go back to the third Sunday as the May show is on the second weekend in May.  I did not sell much at all.  Possibly due to the lack of NSW buyers who were looking after their wives on their special day.

I did purchase some more water tanks of various sizes.  So they will get a paint job in a few weeks time and get placed around the layout.

This Thursday morning PK and Dave will come to my place and we will begin our photo-a-thon on our trip to next weekend’s Modelling the Railways on NSW Convention at Loftus.  We are all looking forward to it.  Hopefully we will stop at Murwillumbah, Lismore and the Casino.  Then we may head down via the inland route.  We will confirm in the next day or two. 

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  1. I certainly did enjoy my visit! Hopefully I'll be able to time a future visit to coincide with a running session!