Sunday, April 30, 2017

It's Been Pouring up Here on the North Coast

Well the headline says it all.  It was been so wet on the North Coast that puddles have started appearing all over the layout and a few creeks are staring to flow.  I spent last Tuesday in the shed with the TV on watching all the ANZAC commemorations.

This was me starting to create a few puddles next to the track and in various low lying areas around the layout.  Finally the Richmond River got its first coat of water.  This was followed up yesterday and today with further water added to every puddle.  Below is a pictorial record of these puddles.  There are also a few other locations not recorded.  I used some clear varnish finish that I obtained from Darren many, many years ago.  I am on second 250ml tin.  I still have one more tin to apply if required.

Right next to Ron and Marg's B&B there is a bit of a drainage ditch that has started to get some small puddles added to it.

A long way further north one of the times that the track crosses Running Creek, the creek has started to flow.

At Lismore the puddles in the hollow have almost dried up.

Underneath the Jacaranda tree is s small puddle.

Just south of Lismore a few small puddles have appeared right next to the right of way.

On the other side of the level crossing, a couple of puddles also exist.

The shot of the puddle underneath the Jacaranda tree from another angle.  This shot also shows one on the other side storage siding in Lismore Yard.

Right next to the Bonalbo Ballast Siding, there is a hollow next to the mainline and a few puddles are left after the heavy rain.

The Richmond River finally has its first coat of water installed.  A few more are required to be added.  Maybe a second coat will be applied tomorrow.

The Richmond River from the northern bank.

The normally dry creek that runs down under Cougal Spiral has a small trickle starting.

Just outside Cassino station after the Richmond River bridge, a small drainage ditch has water in it.

Just a few hundred meters further north, the water is also in this drainage ditch.

This shot of the fettlers camp between Glenapp Loop and The Risk, has three small puddles starting to appear right next to the track.

Just next to Glenapp Loop, just behind the disabled wagon siding, a small puddle has started to be formed.

Up at Border Loop, some water has begun to puddle in the lower points either side of the storage siding.

At the beginning of the storage siding at Border Loop, a small puddle is also beginning to take place.
In the Kyogle Stock Siding, the ground in a couple of areas is beginning to boggy as well.

Besides the water work, I also installed a level crossing near a local bed and breakfast.  I also installed the wiring for a scene located on Fairy Lane, right next to Fairy Hill Crossing Loop.  I initially installed the wiring for the headlights and tail lights in my police car, and also a car pulled over on the other side of the road.  These tested very nicely.  I was then to install the blue flashing lights on the police car and the flashing arrows on the back of a work truck near the level crossing.  These worked well on a 9V battery that was registering about 7 and half volts.  The lights all had what I thought were current limited resistors attached, and when I connected them up to my 12 volt power supply, I did not install an additional 1000 Ohm in line resistor to any of these lights.  Well, all I can say is whoops!  Next subject.  They all have seemed to have blown.
The fettlers camp at Nammoona Ballast Siding.  The old 44 gallon drum being used an incinerator is in full swing, with what is left of an old sleeper still poking its head about the drum.

Another incinerator at Border Loop also in full blast.

This camp is located between The Risk and Glenapp crossing loop.  In this shot one of the fettlers is standing next to the drum and its glow is reflecting off him.

The planned scene on Fairy Lane.  The headlight and tail lights are lit, but nothing else works.

The new crossing located just south of Fairy Lane.

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