Sunday, April 1, 2012

Completing my Bridges

Last weekend I started preparing the area aroung Cougal Spiral and the Dry Creek bridge for some more scenery work.  First of all I was installing formwork around the two ends of the Spiral Bridge.  This was done with balsa white glued together to allow me to pour plaster in to fill a rather large void underneath the track before it reached the piers holding up the girders.

The northern abutment across Cougal Spiral

Another view of the northern abutment of Cougal Spiral

So that was last week.  Yesterday I went down to the shed and mixed up a batch of plaster and poured it into the formwork.  Following the pour and a setting time of about 30 minutes, I removed the balsa formwork.  I then hit the abutments with my standard stain.

The southern abutment after the pour, with the formwork removed.  It was then stained.

The northern abutment poured.  The formwork has been removed and the plaster stained.

On the bottom circuit of the spiral across dry creek, The abutments were slightly raised with left over plaster from the pours above, and the bridge that I made last weekend was slid into place and the outside beam glued on.

After this work was complete I needed to work out what was the next project.  Kyle was driving his cars over a number of roads on the layout and kept asking can we run a train?  Well what do you think the answer to that question was?  Together we ran about the first 7 trains of the standard running timetable with no major incidents.

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