Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nammoona Gets Some Attention

This week started off with a visit to Lefty and Son's on Tuesday Night.  I think there was around 9 of us there along with the two hosts.  Many members were being brain washed by David as he let them drive his On30 stock around his so far working layout.  Guys - Don't give in to the dark side!  Stay with NSWR or at least VR in Shelton's case.  Barry is already a lost cause as he models US outline.

Progress so far on their layout is great.  However, David was having trouble with some track design, so I conscripted Darren who just has the best methodology in getting David's requirements and then walking through options and massaging these into potential track layouts.  I grabbed a number of medium and large radius points, as well as some curve points from David's Desk and various lengths of track from his track bin so Darren could do his magic stuff.  I think what was created looked pretty good.  David has already written about this from his point of view on his blog.

After this was completed, I could not resist getting the large wooden spoon out.  I asked David where was his next piece of benchwork going?  Where does the central peninsula go?  David proceeded to answer.  All the time I was just reeling him in.  So I responded 'So you will not have any room for the Tuesday Nighters to sit down and talk, and eat?'  I could not resist in saying this as I get bagged everytime people come to my place.  When my layout was starting off, I had our old outdoor furniture setup in the shed - it was sheer luxury.  This space gave way to peninsulars and trackwork and scenery.

Speaking of scenery, on Saturday afternoon I mixed up a couple of batches of plaster and continued work around the Hotham Street level crossing working towards the Cassino Meat Works.  I then continued doing some more polystyrene work around the spiral I have between Lismore and Murwillumbah.  I think the next running day at my place with certain cause some surprise to the crew when they turn up.

On Sunday I was thinking of doing some more work around Nammoona Ballast Siding.  I decided to steal a large sheet of aluminium foil from the pantry when the boss was not looking and ran down to the shed.  I then cut this up into smaller areas, crinkled it up and then mixed up some very dry batches of plaster.  This was poured into the aluminium foil moulds and then I attached these to the cliff faces at the northern end of the Nammoona Ballast Siding.  I then did the same at the southern end.

Just then my daughter came into the shed.  I conscripted here into helping me paint the rock faces.  I had four jars of paint.  Raw Umber, Ray Sienna, Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna.  These are the $2 water based tubes that I mix up and then spread around the rock faces, and then hit them with the water spray bottle to help the paint run into teh crevices.  My Daughter was having the time of her life.  While she was painting, I was using my trusty ink pad stain with metho to paint the tunnel portals.  I just need to add a small amount of greenery, with a few vines here and there and it should look even better.  It is certainly better than the base styrofoam, and base plaster.  It all takes time!
The end result at the northern end of Nammoona Ballast Siding thanks to Paige

The southern portal of the Nammoona Ballast Siding.

Next weekend I will need to start to plan what is to happen the weekend after.  This date in May is the AMRA Brisbane's Exhibition at the Brisbane Exhibition grounds over the May Long weekend in Brisbane.  I will be there on the Saturday and Monday working with Jim Hutchinson doing structure building.  Jim works on the Saturday and Sunday, we get one of our other members to help on the Sunday and on the Monday I conscript Geoff to come along and work on some models for his layout.  So if you are going to attend the May show, come over and say hello.  Introduce yourself so we can put a face to a userid.

This weekend just gone, Geoff, Darren and Brendan took Geoff's layout - Splitters Swap Creek down to the show in Moree.  I expect that we will get an update early this week from these guys on their blogs.  I can't wait to hear how it went.

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