Monday, April 30, 2012

ANZAC Day Update

Well on Anzac Day last week, the Southern Aurora left Brisbane for Sydney.  It had arrived in Brisbane on the Monday and stabled in Clapham Yard.  Quite a few people up this way were out and about photographing and videoing this train on both days.  I too joined into this pasttime.

I headed off to the park across the road from the kids school.  This park has the Interstate Railway line going straight through it.  I parked the car in a side street and started walking to the bridge over the local landmark in the park - Sheep Station Gully.  As I was walking up to the railway line, I noticed someone standing just short of the line with their hands behind their back and a camera aroudn their neck.  They were waiting impatiently for the train.  I knew that walk.  It was Lefty.

He had walked from his house just up the road a few hundred metres, which backs onto the Railway Line to the park to get a better photo.

The Train lead by the 43 Class came through about 7 or 8 minutes early.  I took a few snaps and none are good enough to post here.

There is quite a bit of passenger rail activity on the North Coast over the next few months.  We have the Southern Spirit coming up north on Saturday 12th May and heading back down south on the 13th May. 

This will be followed by the Lachlan Valley Railway and their Steam train making trip around Casino on the 24th to 27th May.  They have other trips planned around Casino to Kyogle on 2nd and 3rd of June again to Kyogle before heading south again.

There is also a 620/720 set coming up to Brisbane in June.  I'm booked on a trip from Roma Street to Kyogle and return with a few mates from the Model Train Club.  I intend to get a few photos of the scenery and any passing trains if there are any.

I can't wait to have my first trip in a 620/720 class railmotor.

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