Sunday, April 1, 2012

Casting Tunnel Portals

So today I went down to the shed with the intention of casting 2 tunnel portals for placement around my spiral between Lismore and Murwillumbah.  I found my two mould masters and proceeded to clean them up.

Mould Number 1

Mould Number 2

Both my moulds are of a slightly different shape.  When I cast, I just pour plaster into the mould.  I then cut up a few lengths of wire and use them as re-inforcing.

Reo to install in mould number 1

The reo to install into mould number 2

I then mixed up a batch of plaster and poured it into the moulds.

Mould number 1 drying

Mould number 2 drying off

From the rear then don't look too interesting.  however from the front you get a better perspective.

Mould number 1.  Now this looks slightly like a tunnel mouth.

This is the end result of pouring in mould number 2.

So after the pour and the removal from the mould.  I placed the two tunnel mouths on the spiral between Lismore and Murwillumbah.  I then decided to pour another tunnel mouth from each mould, which I did with the help of Kyle.  He was taking a keen interest in mixing and pouring the plaster.

I then decided to cut up a few pieces of styrofoam for the area between the two tracks in the spiral.  I plan to try and keep one track hidden from the other by putting one track in a tunnel when the other is not and vice verca.  Below is a photo of the first bit of styrofoam going gown.  The track at the right crosses over the track on the left, with the track on the right heading into Murwillumbah.

The beginning of my next terra forming project.  Boy do I have a few more of those to complete!

After this bit of work was complete, Kyle again twisted my arm into running a train.  But this time he wanted to run a steam train.  I have not run a steamer around Cassino for quite some time.  Kyle took 3642, while I followed behind with 3531.  These were light engine movements from Grafton Loco into Cassino and return.  We did have some speed trials up the parrallel tracks in Rappville Loop for a while.  My loco was faster.

Upon return back to loco, Kyle then gook my garratt for a run and back.  Another good day!

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