Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thanks Dazza!

This model railway hobby of ours is really great.  We develop such great friendships and plenty of skills by participating in this hobby.  Dazza is one those guys that I have a great friendship with.  I met Darren well over 20 years ago when I first joined the Railway Modellers' Club of Qld.  We have been mates every since.  I suppose it doesn't hurt that he models God's own railway - the NSWGR.

Last Tuesday we had about 10 guys come over to the shed.  The usual banter occurred.  First things first the guys were checking up the new top deck.

Darren and Peter Checking out the baseboard for the new top deck.  Photo by Shelton

Just swinging around a bit further.  Photo by Shelton

The next main event was when we presented Geoff with one of my paintented triangles.  This bugger bagged me something chronic in last week's comment to my post.  But it cracked me up.  Both PK and I had the same idea about presenting Geoff with his own Triangle.  So we presented Geoff with his very own triangle. That will teach him!

Geoff seeing the funny side of the presentation.  Photo by PK.

Now to the topic of this post.  Darren also had been working on my Train Control schematic on an old whiteboard.  He offerred to work on this and over a number of month he quietly beavered away.  Well he brought it over and presented it to me on Tuesday.  It was brilliant.  Ripper, Beaudy, Bonza!

The overall view of the train control board.

On the right of this board is my fridge and another place to extend the magnets for the location Grafton Yard.  Here are a few closeups of various locations.

Border Loop and Kyogle Stock Siding

The Risk and Kyogle

Murwillumbah - the end of the branch line

Comming back south towards Sydney we come to Lismore

Then we get to Old Cassino

Cassino is quite large so we have two photos to show it off

Heading north of Cassino to the left.  The red is where the branch at Old Cassino come in.

Today I started cutting up some small magnetic strips that will be used by the Train Controller for the various trains.  I also expect to have other magnets so he knows when certain wagons have been dropped off in the various sidings round the layout.  I might also have to have something when a section of track is out of action so the Train Controller can put the section out of action. They will have train #, origin and destination and maybe what track it needs to go into on arrival at its destination.

Here is

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