Sunday, April 8, 2012

Totally Plastered

This long weekend I decided to do some more terra forming on the layout.  This layout is just so large, that some times I don't know where I need to start for my next project.  So I decided to try and complete a few more areas on the layout.  So on Friday I decided to do some work around the tunnel portal just north of Nammoona Ballast Siding.  I've had some styrofoam in place here for possibly years.  So I decided to cover it with plaster.
The portal and entry to Nammoona Ballast Siding 

Photo taken further around the loop.  There will be a photo/painting backdrop on the styrofoam on the inside of the siding depicting, ballast heaps, bush and a cattle loading area.

While working at Nammoona, I decided to do some work at the southern end of the loop as well.
Not much to see here

While working in that area, I decided to go down two levels of the helix and work on the tunnel portal that hides entry to the 4 and a half turn helix that takes the track from the bottom level to the top level.
The flat area above the tunnel portal at the upper left is where Nammoona Ballast Siding is located

I then decided to keep working around to the right, to give this area a basic covering of plaster.  This is where a large cliff face will be located to hide more of the helix.
The future rock face to hide the helix

While working in this area, I then moved up to the top deck.  This is where the helix comes out in the open for its final lap around the large radius curve before it heads into Fairy Hill Loop.  It was then I realised that I needed another tunnel portal to install here.  So I stole one of the ones I made last week for installation here.  This was then plastered in.
This picture shows the exit on the bottom right for the Nammoona Ballast Siding, while the one on the left, one level up is for trains heading around the visible top circuit of the helix past Ron and Margaret's B&B (where PK visits) before reaching Fairy Hill Loop

So yesterday I went back out to the shed and then cast up another tunnel portal to replace the one I borrowed the previous day.  So while surveying what else I could plaster, I found some lineside area just north of Old Cassino heading towards Lismore that needed attention.  So I raided my styrofoam collection and installed it along the edge of the rail line and facia, all the way back past Old Cassino Station.

The bottom track is heading to Lismore and forms a spiral and comes out on the next level up and goes through the next tunnel portal before passing Lismore's Shell Oil Siding.  The 44 class in on the Murwillumbah headshunt at the end of the branch line shut down.

Back at Old Cassino looking south.  The goods shed in the goods siding.  The wire point throws for Murwillumbah are seen protruding from the facia at various locations here.  Old Cassino's track work in in the foreground.

Between the Old Cassino Yard and the Construction Siding a slight bit of plastering also had to be undertaken to cover up foles in the baseboard.

Another view of the Goods Shed at Old Cassino.  The four wagons are those that need to be added to train #9 back at Grafton Yard - I must do that sometime.

Just behind Old Cassino Station, a bit more styrofoam was installed and that was plastered over today.  In the top of the photo is train number 14 that is waiting in the loop at Murwillumbah before returning to Grafton Yard.

There was a another gap in the baseboard that needed covering just above Old Cassino.  This is where the cement siding is at Murwillumbah.  The 44 Class loco in a previous photo had previously put 7 cement wagons in the siding before stabling in the headshunt until its next shift.

So the plastering was finished off today.  I may even be able to get back out to the shed tomorrow for an hour or two and do some more plastering somewhere else.  There is still plenty to more to do.

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