Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Unlucky at Casino

As we drove into Casino and headed down Hotham Street and then over Railway Avenue, spotted next to us on the platform below was a hi-rail truck with what looked like a load of ballast or some type of gravel on the back.  But by the time we got down to the platform and took a shot, it had backed all the way up to the bridge over the Richmond River.  We could not zoom in enough.

So after taking a few shots, we headed back to the car, to back out and head into the town and find somewhere for lunch, just as we backed out, the hi-rail truck ran back through the platform heading down towards loco.

We had put our cameras away and it was moving quite quickly in the opposite direction.

The hi-rail vehicle is way off in the yonder towards the bridge.

The signal hut.

That vehicle is still in the distance.

The platform was empty, looking north.

The platform looking south.

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