Monday, June 11, 2018

The Morning at Taree

On Thursday morning we hit the road and the first stop was Taree.  We jumped out of the car and someone was talking to a local who advised that a train was immanent.  So after about 5 minutes, the level crossing light and bells sounded.  The southbound empty steelie was heading through.  No sooner had it pulled up in the loop, when a northbound local freight was heading towards Grafton, with cement and empty sugar wagons in tow.
Here is the empty steelie.

Lead by NR47

Followed by NR94.

And then NR90.

Some flatracks stacked up.

Some more flatracks.


On various wagon types.

More butterboxes.

Coil steel wagons.

More coil wagons.

And More.

A different coil cradle.

More cradles on a different wagon type.

Three coils on this wagon.

Another coil wagon.

And more.

Now an out of gauge slab carrier wagon.

Flat slab steel wagon.

Another, but this time with a tinge on Australian National.

And again.

Code board from the wagon.

The Down freight arriving.

Looked like it was a Driver Only run.

Some cement hoppers.

More cement hoppers,

Sugar wagons at the end.

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