Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Martins Creek

After leaving Taree, we made our way to Martins Creek.  On our way there we were pulled over by the cops for a random breath test.  As it was still morning there was no chance I was over the limit.  We witnessed a local Hunter railcar set heading north, and then made our way down the road to outside the quarry and took some photos.
The mainline heading north and the siding heading into Martins Creek Quarry.

The lever frame for admitting a train into the quarry.

A close up of the frame.

Here comes a local passenger.

I'm not a fan of those colours.

The guard is giving the all clear.

The driver powers away.

It is about to cross the level crossing.

The signal has now gone to red.

Having a peek in through the fence.

The loader.

Another view.

Looking down towards the station.

Close up of the loader.

Another shot, from a different angle.

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