Sunday, June 10, 2018

Coff Harbour Meet

We drove straight to the station at Coffs harbour when we arrived at the location.  A quick check of the station timetable, showed that about 20 minutes out was a northbound XPT.  We thought we could get down the road a little way and capture it from an overbridge.  Google maps provided us a location, so we hit the road, got stuck in traffic and then had to wait.  We did not know if we had missed the train or not.  But after another 10 minutes or so, the following occurred.
A view south of Coffs Harbour.  The area to the left of the track used to be a bustling loading point for north coast freight.

Boambee Creek as viewed from a road over bridge.  The guys had made their way down onto the banks of the creek to get a different view.

Here comes the northbound XPT towards Coffs Harbour.

The XPT making its way across the creek.

Going, going...

Almost gone.

A view of the bridge with a walkway across it that locals use to get access to the sandy banks of the creek.

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