Sunday, June 10, 2018

Damn You Arthur!

Last Tuesday Night was when we had our fortnightly meeting of the Tuesday Nighters group and it was at Peter’s Place.  During the night, the talk turned to NSW petrol tankers, of the NTAF variety, as I picked up a couple while I was down in Sydney at the Modelling the Railways of NSW Convention.  Arthur advised that in the later years of South Brisbane Interstate Station’s existence there was some sort of fuel receiving facility located on the narrow gauge side of South Brisbane Yard.  It was used by Ampol tank wagons.  So what does a bloke do?  Well he considers adding another track in my South Brisbane Interstate Yard for this establishment. 

On Saturday, I took my son to Soccer, and he ended up winning 4-1 with two great goal setups by him from the right wing, both scored by the left wing.  With that result, his team were equal premiers of the 8B competition.  We were all very happy.  The School also won at least the 7B (undefeated), 9B (no goals scored against them) and 10A (already secured with one round to go)premierships.  There was a chance of two others in the 3rd XI and 4th XI comps and also a chance of getting second place in 5 other competitions, but I don't know the results as yet.  After that I went to the train Club for the afternoon, and on the way home stopped off David’s place for some consulting services.

Today when I got down to the shed at about 11:30am, I extended the baseboard at South Brisbane Interstate by a couple of inches, just enough to add another track that will be used for receiving Ampol Oil tankers.  I need another LH set of medium or long Peco points and then I can install the siding permanently.  This has been done just because Arthur made me do it.  It is his fault!

So what I’m after now is real details of when this siding was worked, from when to when, etc.  What wagon types were used, and how many at a time were delivered?  What products were shipped here?  How did the wagons get to the siding, on what train etc.?  Anyone got any photos of the siding in operation?  Or can anyone point me to an article or book on working this siding?
You can see in this picture the extra baseboard width next to the old baseboard.

The location of the siding (or thereabouts) is shown here.

After that I decided to add a bit of dirt and greenery around the bridge I installed last weekend just north of Lismore.  As a first go at the basic scenery, I was happy with the result.  Of course no trees and shrubs have been added as yet.  More time for that in the future.
The north bank of the river.

The area heading towards the tunnel.

The south bank of the river.

A shot from further out.

The embankment near the road under the railway line near the river.

I also started looking at the two dioramas that I need to make for this year’s Modelling the Railways of Queensland Convention.  I have cut out some basic foam so I can start building up the base scenery and have some below track scenery items.  More on that as it develops.

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