Sunday, October 30, 2011

Running Session Wrap-up

Today I went down to the shed mid afternoon and started addressing the issues listed from last weeks running day. I was reading through the completed timetable sheets where the operator writes their notes/hints/comments on the back or front of the sheet.  The completed timetable sheets are placed in the front of the new ones in a seperate slot in the baseboard.  Of the comments, I only received 4. I also have a piece of paper up on the side of the layout where general comments can also be left.  There was an other comment left here. 

One timetable comment concerned a cattle wagon on Train No. 39 - the Down Morning Meatworks Shunt - it runs from Cassino to Cassino Meatworks.  This train had never been run before in the timetable.  Apparently it kept derailing.  A quick loosen of the offending vehicles bogie and after a test run it was now all OK.

Two other comments concerned train No. 1 and its continuation No. 1A.  This is the Down Container from Grafton Yard to Cassino and then a few hours later Cassino to Acacia Ridge Yard.  The issues were the loco and first wagon kept on uncoupling.  I adjusted Trainorama 42104's coupling that kept rising when under load. I then ran that train around the layout from Grafton Yard to Acacia Ridge and back again. I found three spots where the sharp changes in track elevation caused some coupling issues. So I fixed these trackwork issues, and this no doubt will help some other trains as well. I also found one wagon from this train had a bogie that was too tight. I also added 4 extra wagons to this train.  I'm sure that this train used to have more wagons on it and someone no doubt has removed them due to operational issues over time.  This train now has a few more slots to make more revenue for the railway. 

Upon inspection of this train when at eye level at Border Loop, I found an Auscision undecorated NQIW (I think that was the code) that had a wheel that was out of round. The wagon was going up and down faster than ... (I better not say that as this is a family blog).  I have also decided to replace two left hand medium radius points at the southern end of Border Loop with two large radius points.  I will have to move the point actuators for these points when I replace the points.  Maybe a job for the next few weeks.

I still have job of investigating the issues listed for train No. 14 another Container train.  Again a job for the next few weeks.
I also have a few suggestions about helping the crew locate the particular sidings at each shunting location.  I think I will place a schematic on the facia so the crew can quickly identify the particular sidings that they have to drop wagons off at, or what track to lay over at.
How do other operating layouts help visiting crew identify sidings at the various locations?

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