Sunday, November 6, 2011

Posting, Chipping and Today's Buy and Sell

This weekend there has not been much train shed related activity. I have to spend the next 10 days or so studying for a test I need to undertake next Wednesday week for work. So yesterday I moved a few things down to the shed from the house and brought a few up that I was trying to sell at our Club’s Buy and Sell today. I also nicked out to the Post Office to post some items that I sold on e-bay and also pick up a roundhouse kit from Anton’s that the postie tried must have tried to deliver on Friday while the Boss was out.  This roundhouse kit looks real nice.

Yesterday Dave came over with a tub full of locos he wanted to get decoders installed into. I think 7 are just drop-in’s but I need to work out what ones will fit. There are at least another 5 or 6 locos that need to have a hardwired decoder put in. The decoder cost alone would tip Greece over the edge to bankruptcy, let along my huge installation fee. 

So back to the Anton’s kit for the roundhouse. A couple of years ago I started my own model of the Casino Roundhouse for my Cassino layout. This has sat on the layout untouched for quite some time. I need to make a sub base for the inspection pits and install the tracks leading to the roundhouse. While I was scratchbuilding this, I decided that I might get a kick along by using a kit to assist. I intend to spend some time over the Christmas – New Year period working on this item. I might even get the track in the Cassino Loco area laid properly and operational. That would allow me to store some locos and some service wagons in that area.

So today at the Buy and Sell I managed to sell a couple of items, and I have managed to acquire my two required large radius left hand points to replace two medium radius points at Border Loop.  There was quite a good selection of items for sale and a good number of purchasers.  The BBQ was doing a roaring trade as was the cold drink stand.  I must admit a few people asked if was I Craig from Craig's Shed or introduced themselves as a follower.  I have to comment on a number of very well painted and weathered NSW models on sale.  There were the fantasticly weathered 44100 and 8041 locos, that if I didn't already have those numbered locos, and if I had the dollars in my pocket I would have purchased them without a second thought.  They were first class!  They were with 10 brilliantly weathered petrol tankers that were well priced and another dozen or so standard NSW wagons - louvres, opens, etc.  They would look great on any NSW layout and would fetch top dollar on ebay.  These items are of the quality that Dean from the Rails in Scale blog and Sparksey from the Sparksey4869modeltrains blog do.

I also had a good talk to two of our Toowoomba friends, Bill and Smithy.  I invited these guys down on 27th December with the rest of their Toowoomba NSW mates, to a running day with my normal crew.

Also PK just sent me a link for a Youtube video from the Ipswich Exhibition last weekend.  There is a good looking bloke just after the 45 second mark.  PK is also visible as well - but was out of focus.

Next week in between studying, I intend to replace the two points at Border Loop.

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