Monday, October 3, 2011

Railset Train Details

In response to Wagonfreak's comment about my railset train, Yes I have scratch built my own 8 car railset train.  A while back now, I heard the railset train was delivering rail somewhere up the Far North Coast and PK and myself went to try and capture it.  Just before it returned to Casino for staging we caught up with it.  It was somewhere south of Glenapp that we saw it.  It was about 50m from the road and we screached to a halt and headed across the paddock, and after asking them, we went through the fence in our hi-vis jackets and spoke to the guys unloading the rail.  They let us take some photos and even climb on top for more photos.

So I built the 8 car set from styrene and AR Kits bogies.  It has dummy knuckly couplers between the 8 wagons.  I even made some long lengths of rail to go on top.  The rail even negotiates the curves on the layout.

The 8 car railset train in the siding at Fairy Hill Loop with rail on board

The perway crew are ready to help with the unloading activity.  You can see Fairy Hill farm in the distance

The railset train ready to depart Fairy Hill Loop after the light engine 44 reaches Kyogle.  It is getting the staff at the Fairy Hill signal box

There she goes heading heading out of the siding, and heading off to Kyogle.  Fairy Hill Farm is to the left of the loop.

My train has developed a bow in the first wagon.  I will eventually get around to making a replacement wagon.  I can remember a version of this train at Kyogle many, many years ago when I visited that location.  So that is where my set stays on the layout.  It is not currently part of any timetable, but may be in the future.

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