Sunday, October 16, 2011

More Basic Scenicing and More Panels

Saturday this week I jumped into doing some more scenicing on the layout until the crack of thunder drew me back upstairs. We had a huge storm on Thursday arvo and it looked like Saturday’s was going to be just as bad – but Saturday’s just glanced us. On Thursday we got about 63mm in less than half an hour, just after school pick up time. We didn’t get any trouble ourselves on Thursday, but another part of our suburb about 1km away was devastated. They had at least 6 inches of hail in their yards. I had a work mate that lives in that area and he had roof issues and water all throughout his house. Trees being down was an understatement.

Back to the layout. The scenicing I did was around The Risk and I also did some work around Glenapp Loop. I also did a bit of clean up of some bench space in the kitchenette for next week’s running session. I also moved some junk off the chairs.
The area behind The Risk loop.  I am copying this scene from an old Railway Digest.  The area in front is still just bare plaster.

The rest of the loop at The Risk.  The platform with signal box and platform building are at the far end.

Further south from The Risk a base ground colour is taking shape.

Back up north at Glenapp, the white plaster behind the loop has turned green after all the rain we have had.

Looking south at Glenapp from the North

I also spent some time sticky-taping together a layout schematic for Darren to use as a model for the North Coast Control’s layout schematic on a sheet of metal.

This morning I went down to the shed in the morning and continued the clean up work. I cleared off the desk around where the North Coast Control will sit. While cleaning up, I came across a piece of paper that I had previously drawn a simplified line schematic on. I quite liked this so I will draw another one and bring it along on Tuesday to show Darren along with my previously stuck together version. Tuesday is Tuesday Nighters. This time at Peter’s place. It will be good to see what progress he has done since our last visit.

While doing the cleanup this morning, I came across a box with a few half finished projects in it. I decided that I will complete a few of the models in this box on Saturday week at the Ipswich Model Railway Exhibition at the Ipswich Workshops Museum. I will be there on the Saturday and Jim will be there on the Sunday. We are doing structure building. On the Sunday of that weekend the boss is out with the girls and I have to take my daughter to a dance rehearsal. It looks like it will be a busy weekend.

This afternoon, I decided to install the two remaining wires on the second Kyogle Panel, and then the second panel for Murwillumbah while watching the Kangaroos eat the Kiwis.  Pity the Wallabies didn't do the same tonight.
The second Kyogle panel - with the push buttons wired to the other panel.

The second Murwillumbah panel. 

I also spent some time trying to get an NCE SNAP-IT that controls the disable wagon siding in Rappville Loop to work.  For the life of me, I could not get the point to move.  I successfully programmed the Mini Panel.  That seemed to be working.  But I could not get the Snap-it to move at all, either by directly addressing it or via the Mini Panel.  I might have to try and reset it and try again one night this week.

Next Saturday, in preparation for the following day's running session, I will have to do a vacuum of the shed and a quick clean of the track, followed by a test run out and back before the actual running session. I will be putting on a sausage sizzle before the start, and of course the fridge will be open. I am getting acceptances and nominations for the various specialist jobs for the day.

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