Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Day Spent Modelling

This weekend was the Queensland Model Railway Exhibition at the Workshops Railway Museum at Ipswich west of Brisbane. I was on the Structure Building Stand No. 14 on the Saturday while my partner in crime, Jim Hutchinson worked the Sunday shift. I spent the time trying to affix plenty of insulators to my 2 and 3 cross arm telegraph poles. I started working on these (I think) well over 12 months ago. I still have a lot more insulators to fix to the cross arms. After I did about a dozen poles, I changed jobs. I also took along my whole Border Loop scene, which included the signal box, the signallers platform, and the passenger/goods platform, with an intent finishing these off.

I need to add the side windows to the signal box – sliding of course, then I stained the passenger/goods platform and glued that to the base. I also added the Crossing Loop name board sign to the structure.
The Scene from Border Loop sitting on the photo that I am reproducing

Quite a few people came past and were talking to me about my models – particularly the Border Loop items. It was amazing at how many people say that they've been there. One person said there was one nice signaller there and one grump guy who did not like train enthusiasts hanging around. Another guy said he goes bush walking around that area now. Another reminisced about a train trip – maybe on the Bicentennial Train when the train unloaded its occupants for a run by photo shot, when there were some people skinny dipping in the nearby creek. Another said he attended a party there. One of my ex Club mates mentioned that he probably had some photos of the area atken many years earlier.  He mentioed that he had walked through the tunnel there. I advised I would dearly appreciate a copy of those photos if possible. He said he will see what he can do.

After this I did some more work on the items from The Risk. I added three windows from Casula to my scratchbuilt Pc3 station building. I then had to do some remedial work on the signal box. While laying some ground colour and ground cover before the last running session, the glue must have splashed onto the sliding windows and they become stuck windows. So I freed then up and they are now working again.

Windows Installed with some window sills

Here are a few photos of the event.
A reasonably new layout – Riverbrook

Riverbrook - some very nice buildings

Modratec demonstration layout

Jim Hutchinson’s fantastic Queenslander models - Just brilliant!

The Tent huts by Jim Hutchinson

Shops by Jim Hutchinson

The Darling Downs Model Railway Club’s Dual Train layout that will be shown for the last time at this exhibition. Just love this trackwork.

A small layout indeed with the train running around - somehow?

The Carnival scene by Bob Clayton from DDMRC – I’m sure one of those people moved.

Percy’s layout next to me – had some very nice scenes highlighted by the great artistry

A very nice Jacaranda dropping its leaves

I still need to add the door to the Border Loop Signal cabin.  Later in the day I resume insulator installation activity on another half dozen telegraph poles.

On Sunday night, PK sent around some links of his handy work during the day.  He was working on the tall Timber Tramway exhibit. Below is some links of his video camera work.

Tall Timber Tramway

DDMRC layout

HO Scale Buildings

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