Sunday, August 1, 2010

Can't See for Looking

Well this week I received my styrene shipment (Thanks PK) so I attacked the Upper Richmond River Bridge destined for Kyogle.  The unfinished work was quickly completed. On Friday night while adding the gussets on the external members, I realised that the two central bracing members were going the wrong way - Doh!  I was wondering why the gussets I cut after looking at the photo that I was working from did not fit the model.  So I had to take these members out, and put them back on with the correct orientation.  However, once I did this, they did not fit - did they.  Due to bits of the old members that were left behind.  So this had to be cleaned out and new members cut.  Lucky I had a new packet of 'I' beam to use.  It was amazing none of my eagle eyed mates picked this rather large mistake up.  I'm also sure they won't know about this little issue as I will not be telling them about it.  But it is amazing that sometimes you can't see for looking.

So after fixing up these members, I was able to add the gussets, and then thought about adding the lattice work around the top of the bridge.  I found some styrene that looked teh correct size and while not exact as in the photos, I think it is near enough and gets the picture across.  This afternoon I gave the model its first coat of paint.  I will need to turn it up side down one afternoon this week and paint the underside.

The complete bridge with the latice work visible

The partly painted bridge

Today I also put together another 3 coil steel cradles as well as taking a few pictures of these so I can supplement my potential article text with a pictorial view.

Last week, I mentioned David from Silkwood Depot had fallen off his ladder and broken his wrist.  Well I might have actually understated the damage.  He actually smashed his wrist.  So on Friday, Humpty Dumpty went under the knife and had it all put back together.  I visited his place today and checked out his shed progress.  It looks great! The floor just needs to be painted and them the layout construction can commence.  David, just use this time with some detailed planning for benchwork and trackwork.

Next weekend will be the Railway Modellers' Club of Queensland's Exhibition at the Strathpine Community Centre.  As I will be there all day Saturday and Sunday, I will not have an update until late on Sunday night next week.  I thought I might just get in early and mention this so Geoff does not worry.


  1. A very nice piece of work Craig.
    Did you have a set of plans to work off ??
    I have some styrene components cut up for a scratch building project (NSW MLE flat wagon) in the rainy day box. Scratching in styrene is something I have always wanted to have a go at (need to dig out the 'round tuit' I think!).
    I shuddered when I read about David's wrist. I had a chat with my wife once about what 'parts' or senses you would 'sacrifice' if one should ever have to make a choice. I replied without hesitation "Chop off my legs and rip out my ear drums, but don't touch my hands and eyes", "Why those" she replied. Almost in the same breath, as it dawned on her, she added "Typical!"
    Hope he makes a full recovery.

  2. Gary,
    All I had was the photo as shown at the bottom in my post on
    and the photos from the ARDP website for the Hastings River Bridge. I had previously copied these to my PC for future reference.
    Building wagons in styrene is great fun. I must have well over 40 that I have done. The level of detail you add is up to you.

  3. Yep, he can't afford to lose any more hair!

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