Sunday, August 15, 2010

Who's Got the Motivation?

Where has the motivation gone? Did I misplace it? Did I loan it out? Did someone take it?

Late this week, I lost complete motivation. After a great Tuesday Nighter's meeting at Geoff's even though we only had 4 in attendance, and a reasonably productive Wednesday - a public holiday in Brisbane, the wheels fell off. I think that was when someone stole the motivation!

It seems that some modellers were certainly not in this boat, as last Sunday and Sunday night was a huge update night for blogs. It took a considerable time to read and digest their updates. That is not a bad situation. I'd actually like that to happen every Sunday night.

On the other hand I see that I may not be this motivationless boat along! It has been about 6 weeks since Auscision updated their blog with what is happening. Also Eureka are up to about 14 weeks since an update - I know that as I write this, updates are sure to occur and make be look like a goose - hey Geoff! I realise that these guys have businesses to run, but without regular updates, I'm sure their business will not be as successful as it could be. I also know that it is probably end of financial year time and the guys will have to do their tax just like yours truly - and that reminds me I have not booked in to do mine yet - Doh!

So what was I doing when the motivation disappeared last Wednesday? I kitbashed an old Peco LH medium point, and changed it into a dual gauge contraption. It is now dual gauge coming in, with standard gauge existing to the left and narrow gauge on the straight route. It's a pitty I don't have any 12mm wagons or locos - yet. So what that means is that I can't test how well it runs.  I even installed an old point throw that I had laying around to move the single point blade.

Photo of new dual gauge point

I then fired up the paint shop and finished the bridge girders for the Upper Richmond River opening at Kyogle and repainted my through truss sections that I had previously added the rear webbing to.

At this stage I was thinking of making the front section of the Upper Richmond River opening removable, so the complete bridge could be removed in one section if I ever wanted to display it.

And that was that. The motivation disapeared.  I did not even read any railway books (Digest) on the way to work on the bus for the rest of the week or at night.  It wasn't until this afternoon when the wife took the kids to see the grandparents and I went to the shed that it sort of returned. I removed what I had done in the form of styrofoam for the Upper Richmond River crossing and started from scratch again.

The clean work area

I than installed the removable piece of ply that slides in and out.  On this, I will build the base layer of styofoam and the bridge. This will need to be carved quite a bit to the correct contours, but before I do this, I will review my photos of the area and double check what I have to do.

In the mean time I tried to balance my bridge on the opening, and see how it might look. Before anyone says I realise that I need to halve the height of the main piers. I might even have to make them wider.

My bridge balancing act

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  1. CM, don't fret. The mojo will return. You just need something eventful, no matter how small, to reignite the passion. For instance, I was getting a tad peeved about the whole sound decoder thing after the nonsense with the EL class, but I was rejuvenated on Saturday at the club when I tested my 44 class after installing its sound decoder on Friday night. Sure I have yet to connect up the lights, but the motor ran as expected and the sound was there. I am now quietly confident that all will come good with the EL class in the fullness of time. GB.