Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's my Birthday and I'll Cry if I Want to!

Sounds like a song doesn't it. Well today is my birthday.  It started by me getting a fright out of my sleep by my son at 5:50am this morning with him charging into the bedroom wishing me a Happy Birthday.  Just when I needed my beauty sleep after a late night watching TV.  Any way we did our usual Sunday thing - off to Church, but then as a treat we went to breakfast at the local hotel, followed by a scout around the shops.  Upon arrival back home, we switched on the TV and watched the Pan Pacs swimming and then after lunch, I decided to adjourn to the shed.  The kids wanted a game of cricket this arvo, so I only got about 2 hours down there.  I was installing the bridge piers across the Upper Richmond River flood plain. 

This week I had plans to spend quite a bit of time in the shed this weekend but nothing ever really eventuated.  Yesterday started early, with a trip to the kid's school to drop of some of the wife's cakes for the cake stall, in an attempt to raise a few dollars for the school while people were voting.  That was followed by the Soccer carnival and then by the soccer break up party at the local park.  Kyle was on fire in the first game and scored the first goal.  This time I saw him score.  When we finally got home, I had to actually skip out to vote, followed by attacking the yard with the whipper snipper followed by mowing the lawn.  Then it was time to settle down in front of the TV for the night. 

So the best laid plans for the weekend went out the window.  This Tuesday is Tuesday Nighters, at Peter's place so hopefully we will get a good turn out.  Maybe that will instill a bit more enthusiasm for next Saturday.  I know at this stage I will have to clean the outdoor setting, clean the pergola and get the BBQ ready as I have a party at home next Sunday for my daughter.  God forbid if I did anything modelling related until I had done all this work.  So if I can finish these tasks early next Saturday I at least might spend some time doing some modelling in the arvo.  I know there will be no Shed time next Sunday, except showing off the layout to the rellies.


  1. Great to hear you had a good birthday. The bridge is coming along so it will be time for an operating session again!!!!! Darren

  2. Yes Darren, as soon as the track is laid back across the Upper Richmond River flood plain again, I will get the usual group of suspects together for a running session.

  3. Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday dear Craaaaa..iiiiig, Happy Birthday to You!!!

    Yeah I know! But think yourself lucky I could have come over and sung in person! Hope you've had a good one.

    See you Tuesday

  4. Geoff, Yes I am very lucky, especially as long as it wasn't a strippergram.

  5. Why was he born so beautif.. Crack goes that mirror!

    Happy birthday oh numb one.

  6. Did someone mention a strippergram? H__a__p__p__y B__i__r__t__h__d__a__y to you, H__a__p__p__y B__i__r__t__h__d__a__y to you,
    H__a__p__p__y B__i__r__t__h__d__a__y M__i__s__t__e__r P__r__e__s__i__d__e__n__t,
    H__a__p__p__y B__i__r__t__h__d__a__y to you, M__w__a__a. Thanks Marilyn.
    Obviously the mojo is back but just haven't got the time. GB.