Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Styrene Construction

This week and this weekend I spent time doing some styrene work.  It started with by finishing off the doors for the last 3 scratchbuilt NOCY wagons.  That will make a fleet of 10 scratchbuilt ones when I get some 2CM bogies and they get painted.

Three NOCY wagons - sorry for the dark picture

This was followed up by me completing the three half built Coil Steel Containers from a few months back and supplementing them with another seven more.  This used up one sheet of the styrene I use for the sides and the roof.  I originally intended to make these to sell, but now I think I might keep all of them and make another 9, the number I get out of a sheet of the #4530 metal siding from Evergreen, to sell.  I have also run out of 3.2mm Channel and 4.8mm Channel which I also need, if I am to build the next lot of 9.

Ten Coil Steel Containers sitting on my work mat along with all my still unfinished telegraph poles - don't remind me!

Ten painted Coil Steel Containers

I have cut up some styrene for the next 3 containers and will put them together later tonight.  I also also cut up styrene for 3 x N scale Coil Steel Containers which I will also put together this week.  Then I can sell them to the N scalers in the Club or at our Club's Model Railway Exhibition, which by the way is on in 2 weeks (7th and 8th of August) at Strathpine in Brisbane.

While on the subject of styrene, I'd thought I'd show an update photo or three of the Kyogle Bridge, while I'm waiting for more styrene so this model can be completed.

The bridge from the top

The bridge from the side

The bridge from the bottom

On Friday my AMRM was delivered so this week I will enjoy reading it on my way to work on the bus.  I woke up this morning coughing up a lung so I did not end up heading to the Gold Coast Model train Exhibition today.  I thought I'd keep my flying lung fluid to myself.  However, I might visit PK at work tomorrow though - I'm just that kind of sharing and caring person. 

Tuesday this week is also a Tuesday Nighters meeting and it will be at Mad Mike's.  Hopefully it will not be too cold and we will get a good turnout.  On a sad note, I've just heard that Dave from the Silkwood Depot, has fallen off a ladder in his shed and broken his wrist.  Dave what have you been doing!  Let's hope you have a speedy recovery and construction gets back on track pretty soon.  That's what tradesmen are for.

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