Sunday, August 29, 2010

Almost no Trains this Weekend

As foreshadowed last weekend, I knew I would not do much this weekend with a big BBQ today for my daughter.  Yesterday I cleaned up the Pergola, and washed the outdoor setting down - making sure those red-backs were not around.  Today I had to get the ice, pick up the breadrolls, chill the drinks, cook, drink a few coldies, cleanup and update my blog - not necessarily in order of importance.

It was almost a weekend without any trains, except on Friday night, I had a few visitors.  My niece, her husband and their 3 ankle biters came over, as did my nephew.  We had beer and pizza.  But I gave my nephew and nephew-in-law a tour of the shed and ran a few sound locos up and back on the track to show off.  Neither of the two boys had been in the shed over the last 3-4 years.  They had a few laughs at some of the scenes and were impressed with progress.  My nephew actually lives in the next suburb and his house backs onto the Interstate Railway line.

Today we had my sister and her husband come over and few of the wife's sisters check out the shed for the first time.  They also had a few laughs at the scenes and were interested in progress.  Some of the taller (younger) nieces and nephews saw in through the window of the B&B on the top of the helix and were all talking to each other about the 'R' rated scene.

Just now I received an email from Lefty and Son, owners of a similar shed to mine, just up the road in the next suburb.  They also back onto the Interstate Railway line.  They need some help moving the left over plasterboard from the middle of their shed to under their house as they have a tradie coming on Tuesday morning and need it moved so he can do his job.  So I will head over their just before 8:00pm tonight to lend "and Son" a hand in moving the plasterboard sheets out of the way.  "Lefty" is slightly incapacitated at the moment with his broken wrist, which we all hope is getting better.

I need to get off my behind this week and order a couple of 73 class from Auscision and maybe make a payment on my 81 class from Austrains.  I think I will also need to place an order for some more Styrene so I can build some more coil steel cradles at the Ipswich Model Railway Exhibition in October.  I also plan to build a few butter box coil steel containers and will also put together a few 10' x 10' sheds.

Maybe next week I will be able to get down to the shed and do some more work on the Upper Richmond River flood plain.  I will post some pictures of progress then.

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