Sunday, November 1, 2009

Buy and Sell Success

This Saturday I put together a few more give way sign posts for the layout and a few to sell at today's Buy and Sell and Clubroom open day. All in it was all a great open day. Lots of sellers, lots of visitors and I even sold some stuff. The bargain of the day was three Land Rovers and yellow Mini Van for $10.

On the layout facia at Border Loop, I have a copy of a photo taken of Border Loop signal box and in the rear of the photo is a Land Rover. I was planning on building the signal box and wanting to find a Land Rover to add to the scene. Talk about planets aligning! Also as I was planning a secluded place for the naturalists to visit and have a refreshing dip in Running Creek, these people have to get there somehow, and thus will need a four wheel drive to get there.

So landrover number two is accounted for. As I was also to model a rather disreputable character with binoculars spying on the ladies from the other side of the train tracks, he will need a car as well. What better than a Yellow Mini van. Of course the trees and shrubs have to be added yet.

The cars will need to be re-painted as they are very British in appearance.

I have also added a few more items to Fairy Hill farm, like a trailer, a Caravan, a shed for the washing tubs, the tubs, and a clothes line. Still lots more to do.

I also spent time today distressing a few sleepers so I can use them as old ones removed from the railway and used by the local Farmer for his vegie garden border.

If you still wanted proof, these photos are not as good as what my daughter took last weekend.


  1. There is no truth that the bloke with the binoculars drives a Camry...

  2. I really think he left his White Camry in town(rego # - DABnnn ) and hired the Yellow Mini. He also has his matress in the back. I think he also is sporting a Santa Clause beard! I also heard that the White Camry was spotted all over NSW - I think I have the photographic evidence.

  3. Great to hear the buy and sell went well Craig. Good to see some photos, the layout is coming along nicely. See you Tuesday.

  4. CM, thanks for the gift of the mags. Hopefully you don't feel too cheated with the FS carriage purchase? The landrovers would look better on my OO gauge layout ;-). Times must be very tough if naturalists have to take a dip in a dry river bed!! You might have to add a bit of grey coloured cotton wool to the face of the 'observer' ;-)