Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Risk Station Building

This week I spent some time putting together the Station building for The Risk Crossing Loop. This loop had a PC3 building. So instead of buying a kit, I scratch built it from sytrene. I blew up a plan to HO scale, and used some styrene sheet for the base and rear wall and 0.100" Novelty Siding (I think) for the front and sides. My collections of strip styrene got a work out for the detail items. The 0.100" Novelty comes out to near enough to 10" concrete planks. I even put in some internal walls, as well as the counter in the Station Master's Office.
As you can see these are currently without doors and windows. I still need to make the water tanks and downpipes.

Photo showing the internal walls

The completed building.
I also referred to Jim Hutchinson's excellent articles on building the PC1 and PC2 in Issues 269 and 272 of AMRM. I understand Jim has also built the PC3 but no article is yet forth coming. Jim also covers the colours to use in painting so I will hopefully purchase this this week.

I even built two platform facings out of the Novelty Siding and 2mm square styrene strip. One will of course be used for The Risk's Platform. I think I will invoke modeller's license to put the other at Rappville Loop. I have no idea what this loop had.
Don't think I will have much modelling time next week as I will be head down and other end up responding to a tender. I will have one days rest over the next two weeks, as the Tuesday Nighters are coming over this Tuesday.


  1. Two burglars break into Craigs shed. They see this magnificent building under construction. So one burglar says to the other "Thats The Risk you've got to take"

  2. I won't go down the path of trying to understand your humour Craig, but the station building as portrayed looks exceptionally well done. What I would like to know is with a wife and two kids, how the blazes do you find time to do this work?

  3. Another fine model. Kinda makes me want to go back to using styrene again