Sunday, November 22, 2009

Signal Boxes

Today I show off a small amount of construction in styrene that has occured over the last 2 weeks. In the week leading up to last weekends Club visit, I completed the Fairy Hill Signal Box. Yesterday I attempted to paint it by hand. It's had its first coat and looks shocking. I will hopefully fix this with a second coat. I also have to paint the roof and install some internal detail like a pseudo staff machine and a few levers in it. It could also have a diagram up on the wall if people can get low enough to see in through the front window or door to see it.

Last night and today I put together the Border Loop Signal Box. While both the Fairy Hill and Border Loop signal boxes are the same model, they have different platforms out the front. I just need to install some sliding windows, that I'm thinking may be opening, the door, the screen door, and concrete block toilet, water tanks, and the wooden platform used by passengers. I also need to install the internal detail in this signal box as well.

Both signal boxes will eventually have LED's for internal lighting. I've certainly got lots of work ahead!

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