Sunday, November 8, 2009

6 Days to go

It is 6 days until The Shed gets invaded by between 20 and 30 members from my Model Railway Club. They are this week getting innoculations so they can come travel from the north of Brisbane to the southside and have a rare meeting away from the Clubrooms. The guys last came over on the 12th February 2006. On that day it was hot, humid and it absolutely poured. That was in my pre-DCC days.

A photo from that very day is below. My daughter and son were clearly visible in the photo.

Since then the layout has been fitted with an NCE Powercab, then upgraded to an SB3 (which never gave me any trouble) and then to the full 5 AMP system.
This last tuesday I came home early from work before our Tuesday Nighter's Meeting and planted 42 trees on the layout. Since then I have planted about a dozen more and made up a few speed signs for the layout. Today I completed building the Fairy Hill Signal Box. It just needs windows and a door, painting and some internal detail, as well as internal lighting. I need another model of the same signal cabin for Border Loop. I don't think it will be ready by next Saturday.
Below some of the trees added
I have lots more speed signs and fence posts to create and install before the weekend. This Thursday I will give the good track a once over to ensure the layout is running properly. I might have to also check a few locos and their train consists. As it can be very embarrasing when the trains don't run, or they derail, or continually uncouple when the layout is on show.

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  1. Trees! Wow they look good. Just a few hundred (thousand) more to go! No photo of the signal box though. Disappointed.