Sunday, December 6, 2009

73 Class Loco

This weekend I barely got into the shed. Saturday I purchased my standard DCC decoder a NCE D13SRJ and saturday night I pulled my newly purchased second hand Bergs 73 Class Tuscan loco 7313 apart. After checking the internet on SPUDS, in fact Marcus Amman's website on putting a decoder into an X200 class and Josh Beveridge's site on the 73 Class, I removed the 2 spuds and pulled them apart. I then isolated the wheels pickups from the motor. I tested the isolation on DC with my trusty Kenbrite 12V controller.

On Sunday I installed the decoder, wired it up and gave it a further run on DC before setting the 4 digit code # to 7313 and giving it a run on my PowerCab controlled test track - and ran it back and forth. I currently have no white LED's at home, so could not fit headlights and cablights. I always install a cablight (or two if it is a double ended loco). The crew need to turn the cablights on when they enter a crossing loop so they can find their way out of the cab to change the staff at each unattended crossing loop.

The issue I have here is the front nose of the 73 Class is solid white metal. I'm going to have to drill a hole about 1/2" deep through the nose and put the LED in the cab somewhere.
Anyone fitted headlights to a 73 Class Loco before? If so, how did you do it?

Photo of the 73 Class at Border Loop with the half finished Signal Box

I also added a few touches to Fairy Hill farm - a tyre swing for the youngster who live there.

Photo of the youngster having a swing on his tyre

It appears that the track crew has moved into Fairy Hill Loop. The rail train is in the siding. They have all stopped work waiting for a cross to occur.

Photo of Fairy Hill Loop showing the idle workers with Fairy Hill Farm in the distance


  1. CM, nice touch the swing tyre! I see a new shed going up at Fairy Hill. Will this be a work in progress, a completed shed, or just the frame work?

  2. Greg,

    I intent is to make this a shed being built, with guys up ladders, some sheets of iron fixed and others on the ground etc.