Sunday, April 2, 2017

Generator Set Builds

Earlier this week we had a bit of rain and wind up here.  But that was nothing compared to those up north and in the Gold Coast Hinterland.  We got sent home from work on Thursday morning as the city basically got evacuated and the kids ended up starting school holidays two days early after all schools were closed.  So we survived with no issues.  My thoughts go out to those affected by TC Debbie and its remnant weather system.

Yesterday I went to the Austral Modelcraft and picked up some more styrene and some 1mm steel wire.  Once home the steel wire was used to allow actuation of 6 manual points in Clapham Yard.  I am still undecided on a similar actuation method for my narrow gauge cross over points in the middle of the narrow gauge yard within Clapham Yard, but I will think about that after I get around to picking up  and installing a number of 12mm points and installing them.  These points will allow for a number of narrow gauge dead end sidings to be installed in the yard, although one or two could be converted to a couple of small run around tracks.

As mentioned last week, I also created labels for the 6 manual point throws and installed them on the facia.  This allows the operator to know which way to move the point to ensure everything is set correctly in the yard.

There was also a Buy and Sell on today over at the All Gauge Model Railway Club, so I went for an early morning visit, as well as a chat with a few mates and then came home empty handed.  There were not many sellers there this time and the number of buyers also looked down.  Maybe this relates to the still flooded areas down south of Brisbane.

Once home, I continued my work on my 20’ container gen sets or Polar Packs as one of my mates who is an ex shunter described them.  I have built another 6 gen sets, but I need to build the container flats and add the exhaust stack to these before hitting them with the spray can and these will be ready for sale or distribution.  Maybe some will be ready for next week's Club meeting.

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