Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Calm Before the Storm

This week I have been relaxing with not much on the modelling front.  Friday night I did venture down to Simon Says Hobbies and Game and got stuck into building 6 x 20 foot container bases for my gen sets.  My mate Darren was also in attendance with a very comfortable small turn out.  There was plenty of room to model.  This is a nice relaxed modelling event and there is always tips being exchanged from those building planes or cars and those painting or weathering models.

On Saturday morning, I was ordered over to Austral Modelcraft by PK, who woke me from my slumbers in the early am, to pick up a box of track  for the Club from Ray.  But before I left I painted up the 6 gen sets and the 6 container bases and two other containers that I put together the previous week.  These were a single 20 foot container with solid ends and a 40 foot container base with solid ends.  They all turned out quite well.

I also spray painted 6 tea bags that I had unfolded, cleaned out and allowed to dry.  These were painted the yellow oxide paint colour that you get from Supercheap Auto when they have 4 cans for $10 on special.  These tea bags can be cut up and produce two scale 24’ x 16’ tarpaulins.  These can get rolled or folded up and then a piece of cotton is tied around them and these become loads in my wagons, to be left around yards or on container flats.

After heading over to the Club with the box of track in tow, and sitting through a very fast meeting, I ended up chatting to many of the members and solved plenty of the world’s problems.  See there is nothing that a lump of 4 x 2 with nails in the end cannot solve.  One member ventured up to the Caloundra Buy and Sell earlier in the morning and came back with 4 x white NSW Freightcorp cement hoppers for $100.  I'm very dirty about that purchase.  When I offered him $10 for one hopper, he would not be in it.  If he did that, he would have still picked up 3 for $90 - still a bargain in anyone's mind.  I just could not understand why he didn't take me up on that offer?

Today I have not done anything hobby related.  I am preparing myself for a big week ahead.  Our Tuesday Night group will be heading to Shelton’s on Tuesday this week and I hope to ask plenty of questions of Arthur.  As this will allow me to do plenty of modelling next weekend over the long weekend break.  I have been given a kit by one of the members of the Club and asked to put it together and write up a review.

So hopefully, there will be plenty of photos and progress over the next week or two.

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