Sunday, April 3, 2016

Building Some Fences

Last Tuesday we ventured over to Shelton’s place for our fortnightly meeting and were pleasantly surprised by what he has now achieved in his available space.  Shelton has had many starts and changed his mind many times.  Now what he has done is creative and looks good.  This iteration is probably 85% there and I think we all suggested he needed at least one crossing loop to be installed, to allow two trains to run at the same time when he has visitors over and if he wanted to, he could also add a return loop.  So we await out next visit with enthusiasm to see how this layout now develops.
On Friday arvo I came home from work early and ventured over to Austral Modelcraft to pick up a selection of seven styrene strip packets.  On Saturday I created some road armco railings from a kit obtained from Austral.  I also contemplated how I was to add some fencing around Cassino. 
The armco railings on Summerland Way

An armco railing near Lismore
This morning I went over to a Buy and Sell at the All Gauge Club at Carina and ran into two club members there.  I did not buy anything but brought home a couple of kits that had been donated to the Club.  Later this arvo I super-glued some wire legs to some wooden fencing.  This will allow me to locate it into the scenery.  Later I drilled some holes in the plaster baseboard and fitted these wire legs into the holes and the various lengths of wooden fencing were installed at the southern end of Cassino. 
Fencing near Cassino Station, protecting the railway right of way.

Further south, near the track crossing.
I also decided to make up a 60cm length of post and rail fencing for the fencing near the Dairy Siding at Lismore.  This has not been installed into the plaster base as yet, but will be next weekend.  I then decided to try and make another 93cm length of post and rail fencing to be located parallel to the storage sidings at Lismore.  So far I have about 40cm finished, but I ran out of fence posts.  So I cut up another length and a half of 0.060” I beam.  I use this as a modelling substitute for old lengths of rail, from which lots of fence posts around the country have been made from.  I paint this up a brown/weathered colour and then glue it to 0.040” x 0.020” styrene that I use for the fence rails.
The length of fencing just standing in place near the Diary Siding housing an 80 class loco

Another length of post and rail fencing being created but I had run out of fence posts.

The next batch of fence posts made from 0.060" Styrene I beam.

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