Sunday, March 27, 2016

Adding More Detail

This week was a very short one for work related purposes.  I was sick Monday and had Thursday off.  I was able to spend a small amount of each of these days in the shed.  With Friday a Public Holiday guess where I was?  Also Saturday I spent a small amount of time in the shed in the morning.  Saturday night I decided to spend some time building a signature scenic item for Cassino, that being the walkway at Barker Street on the south side of the station.  I also spent some time in the shed today.  I also spent some time in the house building some fence posts and railing for a fence I'm building at Lismore. The main purpose of all these visits was doing lots of odd jobs at various locations around the layout to continually enhance its scenery appeal.
Basically I did lots of painting white plaster.  These included Kyogle, Lismore, Cassino and a few small areas that needed some touch-ups before I spread some dirts and scatters around and do my base scenery coats for the layouts. 
The front area of Kyogle Loop was painted.
The roadway from Murwillumbah now comse all the way to Lismore.  The balsa road was stained and the scenery around the road painted.  The give way signs also installed at the road crossing.

The area on the northern approach to Cassino was finally painted.

I also worked on the rail overbridge at Kyogle that take the train over the Summerland Way and the road overbridge towards Murwillumbah.
The Summerland Way was stained, the scenery painted a base coat and the bridge abutments were glued in.  The concrete rail carrying bridge was installed.  Still more work to do on the right hand end.

Some of the balsa piers holding up the bridge farther to the right (carrying the north coast line across the Upper Richmond River were also plastered over in the hope of making them look more like concrete. 

I also Installed a level crossing on Murwillumbah, did some scenery around Lismore and tidied up Fairy Lane. 
The roadway here crosses the line at the northern end of the platform at Murwillumbah.  It provide access to the Cement Silo and the motor rail loading facility.  This road even had a nice camber on it.

Fairy Lane had everyone stood back up.   The fence around the property to the right has started to be glued in place.

I installed the concrete apron for the Park Road Sidings.  I also gave the Park Road Goods Shed another spray of paint to catch the areas I previously missed.
The cement apron has been given a base concrete colour.  It just needs some other colours added to make it old and decrepit now.  The goods shed needs its galvanised iron skin and roof installed as well.

I also placed the two halves of the goods shed that I cut into two pieces the other week onto the layout.
The Murwillumbah Banana Shed has been installed.  I think another shed or two will also go in this location.
The Old Cassino goods shed has also been installed.  A larger goods platform is required here as well.

Today I also successfully installed the walkway at Barker Street, and started on the fence around the goods yard at Lismore.
The walkway provides a way across the railway line for locals.

Lots of fencing is still required in this location along with a few houses for the locals.
The beginnings of the fence around the Goods Yard at Lismore.

Tomorrow I have a Operating Session and hopefully I will have a full crew.  I will attempt to take a few photos for next week's blog.

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