Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fencing Contractors get Some Repeat Work

Saturday following soccer in the morning and after dropping over to Shelton’s just after lunch time for a quick 2 and a half hours to make a delivery and have a natter, I went down to the shed.  I added the rest of the restraining posts for my stockyard platform.  I then added the platform capping from 0.040” x 0.080” styrene.  Following that I mixed up two loads of plaster and completed the earthen loading back behind the platform.  I then painted the ground a base cover.  No grass or actual dirt has been added as yet.
I also painted the pseudo rail cattle fencing a nice brown colour.  Now people can see it against the white backdrop.  I just need the photo backdrops that I will pickup at the Brisbane May Exhibition.
A view of the cattle unloading platform.

A view from a slightly different angle.

While on my fence addiction, I walked past the local cemetery near Fairy Hill and decided that I needed to make up the missing pieces of fencing around this sacred site.  I had a few offcuts of fencing that I brought up into the house and worked out that 0.060” x 0.060” was a post, 0.040” x 0.040” was a rail and close to 0.030” x 0.040” were the palings.  So I then built the missing pieces of fencing and fitted them on Sunday morning.

The Cemetery before the fencing was completed.

The fencing over the uneven ground was the issue but relatively easy to complete.

It looks just like commercial fencing all the way around the plot.

My next activity was to install some fence posts that were laying next to the trackside near Baker's Farm. So I installed then all the way to the Rocla Sleeper Siding.  I then started installing the posts for a 12' barbed wire fence that will enclose the Sleeper Siding.  I made then out of 0.080" styrene rod painted grey.  I made up 35 posts from 5 lengths of rod.
Baker's Farm in the distance and now there is fence next to the track.

Looking in the other direction we can see the fence around the Rocla Sleeper Siding being installed by the contractors.

I was then looking at the level crossing near Lismore station and the roadway heading towards the Lismore Shell Oil Siding.  So I installed about 20 fence posts in this location and then set about installing the holes for about 28 of the yet to be produced 12' barbed wire fence posts. 

It looks like that next Saturday I will heading over to the local hobby shop for a top up of my styrene supply as I need another two packets of 0.080" rod and a further packet of 0.060" 'I' beam among other sizes.  My supply of fence posts made from 0.060" 'I' beam is running out.  I have 4 lengths of 'I' beam ready to be cut up into individual posts but that is tomorrow's job along with trying to fix an issue with my Raspberry Pi which does not want to work when I log onto it.  In "faceless" mode it works well and I can run trains.  But as soon as I connect up a Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse to my powered USB hub, and try to manually fire up JMRI - I have issues.  It is as if something has not started correctly.  So I will try and look into that tomorrow.  Did I ever mention that I hate Unix/Linux?

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