Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Bit of Planning

Well I have nothing much to report this week in terms of modelling progress on the layout.  I basically spent a total of about 20 minutes in the shed on Sunday this week and that was it.  On Tuesday I had to drive my daughter to a concert of Youtubers at Dreamworld (Amplify - her friend had won some free tickets and my daughter was her plus one) in the afternoon/evening and then I had to stay there for about 3 and a half hours while the convert progressed.  There had to be over 1000 of so young girls in attendance and about 20 boys.  The car park was packed by a large number of parents waiting for the concert to complete to drive their kids back home to Brisbane or the Gold Coast and other regional areas.  So I made good use of the time studying a number of photos taken some time ago of some buildings on the southern end of the road overbridge at Cassino.  From the photos that I had printed out, I was able to estimate the size of the various sheds.  I was measuring and scaling various measurements and came up with some vary reasonable guestimates of the size of the buildings.  So I have created some rough plans, and will soon make some more detailed scale plans and this will translate into a couple of buildings that I plan to build either before this year’s Brisbane Model Railway Exhibition or at the exhibition.
I had also been looking at the great photo of the kit in the current AMRM showing the 20 foot container with a milk tank enclosed produced by Road and Rail Resin.  At this point in time $70 for two tanks is not money well spent in my modelling budget although they do look a very nice kit.  So I am thinking of building four of my own from styrene from the various photos I have assembled of these wagons.  I think I have been able to create a near enough rough scale diagram of what all the component sizes will be.  I will create a more detailed scale diagram soon.  Again I plan to complete these once I can get my hands on some 20mm conduit which I think I need for the tank.  I did have my eye on an old mop handle that the boss was throwing out, but it turned out that it was a metal handle and not made from wood – Bugger!  On Friday night I was able to complete the construction of 4 off 20’ container bases that I will use to house these milk tankers/containers. 
I also came across a photo of a waiting shed located at Glenapp Loop.  So that is also being put into the future production line once a scale diagram is made up.  Again a likely task for this year's May Exhibition.

Today with my 20 minutes available for Shed time before our BBQ guests turned up, I spent installing the last 15 or so fence posts to my 93cm length of fencing.  This is now ready to install into Lismore Yard.  I will then try to find a gate or two somewhere in my box of fencing materials that I can then install between the various fence sections for people access.
My next major plan is to complete the installation of a whole series of different types of fencing to a number of areas on the layout before September this year.  So that means making meters and meters of fencing of different types.

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