Friday, November 12, 2010

The Shops and the Models

The Shops that took time out to attend the Armidale Convention were AR Kits, Peter Boorman’s Workshop, Gwydir Valley Models and Kieran Ryan Models. To assist these guys we had displays from a number of guys who sat through most of the convention demonstrating their techniques and sharing their knowledge.  This included Rhett Herbert, Len Durkin, Jim Pullen, Dean Bradley, John Brown, Gerry Hopkins and Laurie McLean.  I hope I got everbody.

Another thing that made the convention inspiring was the show of models. When we first got there on the Friday night, there was a couple of trains set out on the display table, and after I saw them, I thought I’m not going to bother to display my stuff. It just lacks in all facets compared to the great models on display by Ian Phemister. However, on Saturday morning, I had decided to actually put my stuff on the display table.

The Models on display were from N, HO and O scales. There was NSW, QR, Victorian and South Australian models on display.  There was buildings, bridges, locos and rollingstock.
A number of models - including some by Geoff from Splitters Swamp Creek

A 19 Class from Brendan Canning

Also who can forget the fantastic model of a film container on the table above stategically placed behind the 19 Class.  The provider of said modelling detail item will remain anonymous.

A very nice bridge

Some work by Ian Phemister

Peter Leslie's strategy for making grass trees


  1. Hi CM, I have just finished catching up on your postings since coming back from hols. So, if I am following your comments, you had a most informative and enjoyable jaunt south of the border?

  2. Hi Craig

    Sorry I could not find an email address to contact you hence this post - my wife's friend apparently met you at Parkinson I think - and you mentioned to her you were interested in trains and she mentioned my name - please contact me via my gmail address.


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