Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Plastering Complete

Last weekend I mentioned that I had completed a fair bit of plastering over that weekend.  I also did a bit more this weekend.  So here is a pictorial update as promised.  I have started installing the embankment just north of Kyogle before the flood plain across the Upper Richmond River.
Kyogle Station and Crossing Loop

A small section of plaster was also installed behind Glenapp Loop.  This area was supplemented with a huge amound of work from The Risk crossing loop around a bend, across a suspended area and into another of the Running Creek Tunnels.  From here the track eventually makes its way south to Border Loop where a small amount of work was undertaken to allow the 4 wheel drive vehicles of the signalman and various railway staff to get access to the Crossing Loop.

Overview Shot of the area from south of The Risk crossing loop looking north - Below is Cassino

Close up view of the platform at The Risk.  This platform will be extended slightly in the future.  This also shows the unpainted models of the Signal Box and the Station building in place.

As we head south we get tto another Running Creek Tunnel portal

The entry into the Running Creek Tunnel Portal viewed from another angle, shows this baseboard section spanning between the wall on the left (and The Risk Loop) and the central peninsula (where Border Loop resides) on the right.  Below is Cassino Loco and the down yard.

Eventually we make our way into Border Loop.  This is the southern portal of Border Tunnel.  This extra plasterwork is to allow the 4 wheel drives to get out of the area.

On the southern end of Kyogle a small amount of work was also undertaken.  This has allowed the area between the Fairy Hill Loop, Kyogle, Border Loop, The Risk and the area that has all the Running Creek Tunnels to be joined scenically.

Southern end of Kyogle, in the distance is Border Loop, the bottom left is the northern entry to Border Tunnel.  At this point, just on the top deck, the track has three separate levels of track crossing over one another.

A scene from Fairy Hill Loop showing the farm.  The fencing contractors are starting to earn their keep.  You will notice no film canisters on this layout.  We go upmarket and use speciman jars.

Today we had a small running session.  There were a few issues.  The mechanisms in the old powerline 48's and 81's are shocking.  My Austrain, Trainorama, Eureka rollingstock runs very well.  We had a few more couple height issues, and the perennial favourite a track pin too high!  The radio system was starting to play up, it was missing some key strokes, so maybe I need to change the command station battery.  It appears that I cannot use cab number 4 as it appears to be locked for some reason.  I will keep a close eye of these issues.

Yesterday I purchased the components to allow completion the remaining power supplies and LED's for the staff machines for the rest of the layout.  I also started making up a list of tasks to be done before my Christmas Running Session on Monday night 27th December.  We have a Tuesday Nighters' Meeting this Tuesday at my place and there might be a shed and half full in attendance.  I also hope to eventually get around to posting my last Dorrigo post sometime this week.  So happy blogging.

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