Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fun, Frivoliti and First Post

As mentioned last week our car load of intrepid travellers went from Brisbane to Armidale last Friday via Warrick, Stanthorpe, Wallangarra, Splitters Swamp Creek, Glen Innes, Guyra and Black Mountain.

On the way we stopped at a place called Splitters Swamp Creek. The name of Geoff's Layout and title of his Blog.
Geoff with this Layout Name.  We couldn't fit it in the car to bring it back home!

The next stop for modelling purposes was at Glen Innes and the rather unique bridge that Warren from Gwydir Hobbies sold.
The Curved Bridge

We had a short stop at Guyra and took a few photos after having coffee in town.

Darren and Geoff taking in the sights

Next photo stop was Black Mountain, before arrival at the motel.

The Station Building at Black Mountain

After a quick unpack followed by a visit to the shop (read below) and a rest for 30 minutes or so, the big hands pointed up and the little hand point down (have a laugh Bazz) and we walked next door to register at the Convention. Upon arrival we met up with various attendees whom we knew or have corresponded with in the Blog’o’sphere.

The convention was very well organised and run, and didn’t we have a great time. Many years ago our mate Mike Boyde once said ‘It’s no use crying over spilt milk’, after he backed a string of bogie milk wagons into a siding and the wagons went in every direction but stay on the track. Well we had our own incident at teh local Coles Supermarket while at the shops – hey Geoff! Sabotaging the opposition!

On a number of occasions on the weekend we sat with the ‘lurkers’ from Toowoomba B1, B2 and B3 – Bazz, Bill and Brent, and the other two guys from the Logan Club - Peter and Stephen. We also had quite a few chats with the 4 AMRA guys from Brisbane. Overall we had a WOW of a time! We also hit it off with Ian and Andrew of Bowen Creek fame, Ian Phemister from Muswellbrook and Merriwa Railway, Brendan from Gundagai, and Keiran (once a year update) Ryan from Peak Hill The Layout.

The attendees certainly learnt many new techniques at the various sessions and I know I am inspired to jump into the two Oil Depots on my lower deck of Cassino which are located at Lismore and Old Cassino.
The Oil Depot showing pipe work locations

All the presenters from the weekend were certainly giving of their time and experience.  I learnt truck loads.  Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks.  I will post a few more posts this week highlighting various aspects of the convention.

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