Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Layout Displays

As others have said there were two layouts on display at the Convention at Armidale.  Bowen Creek was exhibited by Ian Millard and Andrew Campbell and can only be described as a fantastic layout.  It is built to Proto87 Standards and as such most normal NSW ready-to-run rollingstock will not run on the layout as the wheel flanges are way to coarse.  But it certainly looks great.  Here are some photos taken at the Convention.

Bowen Creek

Nice Scenery

A well organised fettler's shed

The shed from another angle

Point and signal rodding

A 5 ton gantry crane

The Goods Shed

A very nice looking tank wagon

Back to the creek bank

This layout has been exhibited twice before. It is positioned very high in relation to the viewers.  The layout has some very inspiring scenery and is presented in the shadow box state. So if you are short, you will not like it. As shown by the pictures here, your view the layout is at almost eye level. As the two owners are taller than average height, it is meant for them to get maximum enjoyment out the layout. Those shorter than this, may struggle to get the full benefit and impact from its design. It was not until late on the Sunday when they were packing up that I got to see water puddles located below track height on the far side of a drain. There is hidden detail everywhere. I don’t think you can do much better in the detail department. This layout is a credit to these boys. The colours were spot on. My aim is to try and get near to this level of presentation on my home layout. We will see.  I think I'm starting a long way behind.

The second layout which only had two modules on display was Exeter Bank.  I understand it is owned by Warren Herbert and Rohan Ferguson (I think?).

The station area

Watch Out!  A 44 class is coming our way under the bridge

The bridge from the top of the bank

A train leaving the station

I do recall seeing Exeter Bank in Brisbane many years ago which I understand may have been its only showing in full. It was also very nice. On the Sunday arvo, while helping to clean up a bit, we were lending a hand in putting the two display modules back into their trailer and in doing so we had to remove some of the other modules. Boy did they look good as well. I cannot wait until this layout hits the Exhibition scene again, and at a place that I can get to – read Brisbane or Toowoomba.

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