Sunday, July 11, 2010

More Little Jobs

This week I have been on holidays and did get some time down the shed.  However, monday started off with me stuck in front of the computer trying to finish off a few articles (hopefully for AMRM if they are interested) that have been sitting around for 6-12 months.  I have completed three of them and substantually finished a few more and have just started another.  But to complete the articles, I needed to take a few photos of some models, as well as finish off a few items.

Basically I added some grafiti to some industrial bins, drilled a few holes in some fence posts, painted some more fence posts, kitbashed a lima 4 wheel 2 slot european container wagon into a near enough NSW 45' bogie container wagon.  I even installed some fencing to show off what it looks like on the layout.

Two Industrial Bins

Some completed fence posts

 Midweek I decided to do some modelling.  I cut up the centre sills I had for the remaining 6 NOCY wagons I've had hanging around for 18 months.  I fitted the sills and bogie bolsters, and I then sprayed the three doorless wagons Gunmetal, Blue and Brown.  The three wagons with doors, still need the door details added - maybe next week and I may even get around to spraying them

I did spend some time removing the rubbish off my workbench in the shed.  Since I've been in the shed (4 + years), I have not been able to sit at the workbench and use it as intended.  So now it has been cleaned up.  I am planning how to arrange shelving, storage cabinets, a test track, tools, paints, my styrene collection, my scale wood collection, detail parts etc. so it will become a nice modelling area.

Today I started building the Pratt truss bridge for Kyogle.  You guessed it, I ran out of styrene.  I need 1 packet each of 4 different sizes to complete it but below is what it looks like so far.  I still have to add some underneath cross bracing and a few gussets.

The Bridge

The Bridge Again

The first section of fencing at Fairy Hill Farm with wire installed


  1. You know Craig I've been going to your shed for a few years now, and I can honestly say that I've never, ever, see anything that looks even remotely like a work bench! So what else do you have hidden in there?

  2. Geoff,
    I told you it was covered. It is at the same end as the kitchen, on the other side of the beer fridge is - you certainly know where that is!

  3. Yep! that's it can never just walk passed the fridge!

  4. CM, lovely work on the bridge and fencing. You're a styrene magician! GB.

  5. What sizes you need? I might have some I can lend ya.