Sunday, April 18, 2010

Top Deck Scenicing Progresses

Yesterday afternoon and this morning I spent some time achieving this weekends goals.  Saturday was to complete the plastering around Cougal Spiral between the track and the edge of the baseboard - the facia.  This was completed and left to dry overnight.  This morning I sceniced the still white (plastered) area around Cougal Spiral south to the area adjacent to the Kyogle Stock Siding, which is just before the Upper Richmond River crossing at Kyogle.

I still have the dry creek area of Cougal Spiral to scenic and the bridge piers themselves on the bottom circuit.  I have not installed the bridge here so don't know what I will do yet so I have left it for another day.  You can see the white of the ravine area in the first two photos either side of  the creek area still to be sceniced.

Looking south of Cougal Spiral

Looking north around the Spiral - looks like a train of TAMs has just gone through

Looking south of Cougal Spiral showing Kyogle Stock Siding - a mixed stock train is sitting there

This afternoon after the kids and us oldies came back from a school birthday party, I just had to relax in the shed.  I decided to run a few light engines around and cleaned the track around where I had been scenicing.  The trains included 6042, 3642, and a number of 44's.

While listening to the second half of the football on the radio I tried to use my camera to take a video - two actually, of the layout. Both were of 2 sound equiped 44 Class locos hauling a train of scratchbuilt wagons.  A coupled pair of rail wagons and about 8 or 9 concrete sleeper wagons with loads.  The first video was the train leaving from Grafton Yard up grade to Rappville Loop.  After the staff exchange, the train continued in the second video north to Cassino for another staff exchange and then around to Old Cassino.  These videos are not the best quality but are hugh at about 46MB .avi files.  That is far too huge to upload onto my blog. 

I was wanting to show some video of a train running on the layout.  Well I guess that will still have to wait for another time.


  1. Mr Mackie, it is looking rather good now. It is amazing what a bit of scenicing does to the look of a layout. Those piers look as though they will fade nicely to an aged concrete gray. A hint for your videos, possibly do it via your mobile phone's camera if it has a video function. That way the footage is at a low-medium resolution and is limited (usually) to a small time. You can convert the video file to a mpg via a converter application or website. That is how I did my videos on my recent blog update. The videos serve the purpose of showing what is happening, they don't have to be movie quality!

  2. You can also upload the video to youtube which will take care of compression and quality.