Monday, April 5, 2010

Greener Pastures

Today the hobby shop was not opened.  Bugger so no styrene to complete the bridge. What has happened to these open 7 days shops!

This morning started off with a few emails from the Silkwood Connection.  Mr Mewes had spent some time over the last few days installing insulation in his shed.  About time, but it is great to see him making progress.  I think the shed has been up for over 12 months now.

Here is a photo of his shed taken by Dave yesterday.  We've been onto Dave and Raymond to start their own blog but they has not yet - maybe this will motivate them.  Dave moved to the dark side some years back.  He was a NSW HO modeller but moved to O scale narrow gauge.  Raymond has no side - He models anything and everything.

The Mewes' Shed being insulated before being plastered

That reminds me we have not heard much from Gary about his shed down south of Sydney!  Hint Hint!

So today, I turned my attention to spreading a bit of greenery around Cougal Spiral.  The area from Border Loop heading south was attacked in 5 small sections.  I did try and conscript an apprentice to help but Geoff was having some well earned family time.  Maybe next time.

Border Loop is through the top tunnel portal

Cougal Spiral looking south - the bottom tunnel portal track appears on the right eventually

The Bridge

I also used inkpad ink diluted in metho to do a first cut stain of the 6 piers and the two tunnel mouths at Cougal Spiral.  I also stained the tunnel mouth at the Border Loop end of the tunnel as well.

Also below is my first section of 12mm track in Acacia Ridge Yard that will allow me to run QR trains next to NSW trains.  The outer track is 12mm and further to the left around the retuen loop it will become dual gauge to travel north of The Ridge in a few years time.  Geoff donated the 12mm track - thanks mate.  I now need a few sets of points, another dozen more lengths of track, followed by a loco and wagon or two to complete the scene for my initial dabble in 12mm.  I will then be able to shunt back and forwards around the yard.

C ya next week.


  1. The bridge is coming along fine. One question though, why do you ink stain the 'concrete' work?

  2. Greg,

    The stain was to give the concrete a tinge other than white. I will add more stains and even different colours to hopefully end up with an aged concrete colour. It does fade over time as well. My tunnel mouths in other area of the layout have been similarly hit, as have the concrete piers on my timber trestle bridge near Baker's Farm.