Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Update

This morning my son and I made our way over to the NMRA Model Railway Exhibition at the Mt Gravatt Showgrounds.  Upon arrival I was met with many friendly known faces.  There was about a dozen layouts in attendance.  But by far the best layout there in terms of modelling detail, accuracy to realism, things for the kids to see, various animations and sheer simplicity was Broxburn Sidings by Ron Everingham.  Ron is a fantastic modeller and this layout can hold its own against almost any exhibition layout around in Australia. 

The animals (cows, horses, kangaroosters, camels) and a working oil pump

Various QR branded item of rollingstock on Broxburn Sidings
Ron has been modelling QR or Quentin River as he calls it for what must be over 20 years now.  His layouts keep getting better and better. 

On the way home from the Exhibition we stopped off at the Silkwood Mauraders residence to see the shed progress.  Apparently wiring will be complete mid this week and David needs to complete the plastering.  This will be followed by the painting.  There is still no sign of his own Blog!

The far end

The entry end of the shed with sliding glass door

Upon return home, I completed the last two bridge girders for Cougal Spiral.  I purchased some styrene from Austral Modelcrat yesterday morning and acquired one of Raymond Mewes today.  I only needed one strip of both.  These girders were painted and installed on the layout.  I also removed the formwork from the bridge piers on the bottom bridge on the lower level of the Spiral.  I also fixed the layout facia on this area and cut its profile to the basic ground contours with my trusty snap off blade knife.  Next week I plan to complete the plastering of this area up to the new facia and may even do the scenery from the track to the facia as well.  We will see.  At least I have a list of things to do.

As I am progressing, it just means I am getting closer to the Upper Richmond River Bridge at Kyogle and to the Kyogle township itself.  Kyogle will require a new basebaord to be affixed to the frame that will be about 5 feet long and 18 inches deep, so I can actually build a small residential area in behind the station precinct.  This area will allow a local road to be installed in front of the houses and will have a few derelict buildings and a few commercial ones as well.  I have toured this area with Google Maps so I can pick out some features I like.  It is great from the road view going from house to house seeing what is on each side of the road. 

The tools we modern modellers have at our disposal is just brilliant.  It sures beats having to drive 2 and a half hours there, take some photos and drive two and a half house back and realise that you forgot to photograph something.

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