Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday Update

Saturday started off with a visit to Austral Modelcraft at Mt Gravatt.  It was there I ran into the Shed wannerbies, the Mewes' and also 3 guys down from Toowoomba.  The Toowoomba Guys from the Darling Downs Model Railway Club came down to Brisbane to attend the NMRA Exhibiiton on at the Mt Gravatt showgrounds, and then check out two hobby shops - Austral Modelcraft and Horizon Hobbies at Warner. So I said drop in to our Club. About 10 minutes after my approximate 40 minute drive across town from the hobbyshop, the Toowoomba guys got to the Club and renewed a few acquaintences with our members and had a look around. This was these DDMRC guys first visit to the Clubrooms.

However the aim of the day at the Club was to work on the Club layouts in preparation tfor the AMRA Model Railway Show on the 1st -3rd May at the Brisbane Exhibition grounds.  Simultaneously we are working on the HO and N scale layouts.  So the usual meeting area of the Club has been taken over by the two layouts.  Both layouts are coming along very nicely. The quality of some of the buildings and scenery on both layouts is just mind blowing.  I am sure that people will not know the layouts from their first appearance last year as they were both pretty bare.

On the HO layout, there is a new addition to the Austeel Shed area. It is a Film Canister. I have no idea what it is, but it seems that the film canister makes many a modern magazine article, so it must be hip to contemporary Australian modelling. So we now have one on the Club Layout. I'm sure a number of the Tuesday Nighters will be rushing to install one on their layouts as well as these guys are pretty switched on modellers. Being never one to mis a fad, of course there is already one on Cassino at Fairy Hill Loop. This is in the guise of a concrete water tank with a top on it.  The Tuesday Nighters crew already knew about this.

Austeel Shed's office and carpark with the new addition to the scenery - photo by PK


  1. Could the film cannister be one of those other new fads, a water tank!

  2. You know Craig, I think there's a real opportunity to take this to the masses! Yessirree it should be a new modelling comp division for the Brisbane Show, how's that for setting a new bar when it comes to modelling challenges ??? I can see it now... all the possibilities, bridges, buildings, wagons, diesel locos, steam locos... NOT anything too unbelievable though we need to keep the standards up, should we include other similar classes, how about tupperware? Specimen Jars? No, no,no that's been done before, and anyway who would have a ready supply of those hey Craig???!!! ;-))