Sunday, November 15, 2020

5 New Wagons Almost Ready For Use

So this week I was diligently sitting at the Kitchen table on some evenings adding more details to the next lot of 5 QR wagons for the layout, until I ran out of the particular sizes of styrene strip.  So in the morning on Saturday I stopped off at two hobby shops - the third was closed, and picked up some packets of styrene at one, and another packet of 5 pairs of 12mm bogies at the other.  The bogies are for my next lot of scratch built QR wagons.  I then went to the Club for our monthly meeting, sausage sizzle and a natter.  Yesterday afternoon after returning from the Club, I cut up the remaining pieces of styrene to make the centre sills on the wagons.  Today I made up my own coupler pockets and added the top lip of the wagon sides.  I then got the wagons ready for painting.

I then bit the bullet and masked up the two HOE steel carrying wagons.  I then painted the insides of the wagons a mission brown colour.  After that dried, I masked up the wagons again and then painted the outside of the two wagons a nice white.  After another couple of hours, I sprayed some blue paint into a small cup and then used a paint brush to paint the bottom lip of wagon a blue colour.  The blue paint I had is just slightly lighter that the pictures I had of the wagons.

I then painted the three HO wagons a QR grey colour.  These were allowed to dry a bit, before being hit with some mission brown weathering inside the wagon.  I think these turned out quite good, if I do say so myself.

So I was lucky to receive these two photos of some HOE wagons at Acacia Ridge Yard from Arthur Hayes - no doubt taken during his time working there.

Photo by Arthur Hayes of QR HOE wagon

Photo by Arthur Hayes of QR HOE wagons

So tonight, I think I will be fitting couplers to those newly painted wagons that are without couplers and then re-fitting the bogies.  A couple of the wagons still need some lead sheet added to inside the wagon centre sill.  That will occur next weekend.  I will not be fitting the BHP decalling to these wagons.

Tuesday this week we are heading over to Captain Barnacle Bob’s Mosquito Creek Layout.  I can’t wait as this layout just gets better each time I see it.  I will take my camera this time to get some detail shots.

NMRA-X is on this coming weekend – Saturday evening to Sunday morning, and I will be giving a presentation on Sunday morning.

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